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Since I can’t have a pause button to freeze these precious days, I hope to use this piece of cyber space to capture some of our funnest memories, funniest sayings, and some of our worst days and how we survived them. I love these littles with my whole heart and would give anything for the words to describe my love, but I can’t. I’ve tried. Thanks for making me a better person, my sweet children. You three ROCK!!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Facebook Is My Drug.

(Caution: you are about to enter my psyche and it’s wild in there.  If you care to enter, read on.)

On one hand I feel balanced.  Quiet time and a pretty groovy walk with God these days, quality time with my family--unplugged entirely on SONdays, and I’ve even shaved some classes from my schedule to make my life run a little less super mom mode.  I don’t want to be a super hero kind of Mom anymore.   I just want to be a really good Mom inside these walls.  When nobody else is looking. I want to save all my super-isms for these guys.  

But, on the other hand, I feel like I have SO many areas that need to be tuned up and I want to fix them all this week.  No seriously, I want all these areas I feel offish and imbalanced to just go ahead and be fixed by no later than friday. 

Stop laughing because I’m not kidding.  By Friday.  I mean it.

But that expectation is unrealistic.  And the list of things that I need to work on is so long and tedious that I get this overwhelming feeling rush over my entire body.  If I’m not careful, It begins to creep into my head space (like last week!). And once it reaches my head space I tend to go numb, hopeless, and I fall into a dark pit that is just not familiar to me anymore. 

But, even I fall down.  Heck, I even drown sometimes.

When this happens, all that is highlighted in my brain is all that is wrong with me.  Almost like the enemy is straight up waving a giant white sheet with each problem I have written in a bright orange marker so that I am sure to know that I am a lost cause.  

Why even try?, I kept hearing over and over again.

And, so, I fall into this pit of nothingness.  Instead of working on any of those problems that I need fixed by Friday, I can easily go completely numb and do absolutely nothing instead.  I felt this way last week and I went right back to my roots.  Which is to mindlessly scroll my Facebook, Instagram, or whatever other social sites I can use to escape my problems.  

I didn’t do what I normally do.  I didn’t go to the word.  I didn’t humble myself in prayer.  I started my escape route via social media saturation instead.  Nothing can make me feel worse than I feel after I have allowed social media to win over something important.  If I’ve allowed myself to not really hear what my child was saying, or if I allowed my time to run out and so now i’m rushing everyone out of the house in a hurry-hurry-hurry mentality.  

I shouldn’t have been online.
I should have already had them in the car.  
They don’t deserve to feel my ‘running late’ stress.  

When I sit down and scroll through my Facebook news feed looking at what others are doing with their life,  I could be decluttering that one closet that is weighing on me, or handwriting a letter to a friend because I said I was going to start doing more of that.  Or, heck, go for a walk rather than saturating my brain in my Facebook newsfeed that serves me or my family zero purpose.

The good news is that I’m seeing a pattern and I know what triggers me to slide back into this pit.  I am more apt to mindlessly scroll Facebook when my cup is empty.  That’s right.  When I am completely out of gas.  Those moments where I have so much to do that I sit down and ‘escape’ instead.  Might sound insane, but it’s my way of running away from all the demands entirely.  Then, after my mindless waste of time, I am left feeling like the biggest failure who could have done something meaningful.  So I scroll to escape that too.

(Insert bouts of insanity.  It’s vicious and it will stay on repeat if you aren’t careful.)

The other good news is that I am hyper aware of this and have been for two years now.  I slide back into my old ways from time to time but it always feels the same.  It feels heavy.  It feels wrong.  And I know it’s because God loves me and knows my heart toward this subject.  My heart is to help others using my social platforms while making sure my family is my number one priority.  Sure, I wish it wasn’t a battle.  And I believe that one day it will not be.  

I mean for pete sake, we live in a media saturated world.  My business is ran online.  When I hop on to work, it’s very hard to not overstay my welcome.  I do enjoy ‘liking’, ‘commenting’, and engaging on my friends and families posts.  And I see nothing wrong with it. I do not have a problem with scrolling Facebook don’t get me wrong.  I have a problem with scrolling Facebook when you shouldn’t be.

I actually love social media.  I mean, I figured out a way to turn social media into my business.  I’m clearly NOT against it.  But, I am certainly going to watch my own behavior like a hawk in this area.  I want to stay hyper aware of how quickly I can climb back into that dark place of scrolling for the sake of escaping.

I am learning a whole lot about living a more intentional and wholehearted life.  If I start to feel like I have so much to do and I don’t know where to start and that it’s just to much….I am starting to train myself to step away from it all.

All. Of. It.  

In other words, I don’t want to work with half of my heart in it or dreading it the entire time.  That’s a joy stealer right there.  Rather, I will remove myself from the task entirely.  Go for a walk or paint my toe nails some wildly electric color or google some funny knock-knock jokes to share with my kids or throw on some praise music and play a board game with my babies (unplugged!).  I will always chose to do something that will FILL the other half of my heart up.  Then, I will return to finish my work and household chores with my WHOLE HEART.  

I mean, it’s either step away and fill that emptiness with meaningfulness and intentional living, or mindlessly scroll to avoid it all.  It’s a matter of making this decision over and over again until it forms into a habit.  I’m getting there.  I actually thought I WAS there but then my schedule got stripped from me.  I had scout camp two weeks ago which was fantastic but it threw me of my game.  Then, we were hit with a vicious stomach bug that caused me to lay around and that little scroll demon crept back in on me.    

I visited a pit of darkness and it showed me how much of a mess I still really am.  So I scrolled the liver out of Facebook for days and my pit got darker and deeper.  Because, scrolling social forums is not living your life.  It’s watching others live theirs.  And that is the biggest thief of your joy, time, and worthiness.   

I am consciously NOT reaching for my phone.  Scratch that.  I still reach for my phone, but I consciously make the decision to put it right back down and walk away from it (but not every time, i’m a work-in-progress!).  It does not rule my life.  Those constant dings and notifications will still be there when I get back.  Instead of wasting another 15-20 minutes mindlessly scrolling just to keep from doing something that needs to get done, I will find myself somewhere.  And I will be there with an intentional and whole hearted mind. 

Lately (and by lately I mean before the stomach bug took me off my game)I’ve found myself at the lake, feeding the ducks.

Or plopped down on the bathroom floor watching my girls splash in the bubbles.  Taking THEM in, not my news feed.

Or teaching my son how to fold the laundry rather than dismissing it all together for a quick mindless scroll.  My boy thought the world of that moment.  Otherwise he would have been in his room doing boy stuff, and I would have been on pinterest, Facebook, or some other mindless source of my brain space, and I would have missed the opportunity to hear how pretty he thinks his babysitter is. Or how much faster at folding pants he was than me.

Even though there is a list a mile long of things I need to sharpen up on, I am staying right here.  I am staying on top of this beast so that it never sets up camp.  Like I said in the beginning of this post, I don’t want to be a super hero kind of Mom anymore.   I just want to be a really good Mom inside these walls.  When nobody is looking.  

If I had to pick which super power I wanted, it would be this:

To hear (truly HEAR!) EVERY SINGLE WORD that comes out of my children’s mouth.  Always.  EVERY WORD.

What would be YOURS??


I want to save all my super-isms for these guys.  They matter the most.

In HIM and health,

Monday, May 11, 2015

The Most Amazing Gift!

all i ever want for mothers day is a homemade card and to do something outdoors as a family.   i make it clear that i don't want a gift.

rather, i want memories.

so, i wake up on mothers day with my husband telling me that he has a fresh pot of coffee ready and not to go outside until he tells me to.  i was instructed not to look out the window either.  i was sitting at the kitchen table, with my hot coffee, like a little kid who still believes in santa.  i was tapping the floor in a steady range of motion full of jitters--dying to see what my family was up to outside.  

i get cleared to go on outside.  but before i go, my husband drapes our nice camera around my neck, telling me, "i know how you like to document and how you enjoy colorful things.", he went on to say, "you'll need this.".

i walk outside and all i see is a massive, and i mean massive white canvas and two paint buckets.  oh, and all three of my babies draped in an over-sized white tee shirt.

i was slightly confused.  he then gathers our babies around the paint and says, "okay guys, let's show mommy how much we love her by making her the biggest card in the world!"

off they went.  squealing as they have just been given permission to make the biggest mess of their entire childhood.  

boom, memories!

i couldn't believe my eyes.  the time and thought that the husband went through.  the way he taped together twenty plus white poster boards, draped the children in white tee's, and just the simple fact that he made a GIANT deal about how special mommy was.

as i was behind the camera, snapping these amazing photos, i watched as my husband dunked his entire hand in the green paint, drawing out a giant heart.

i thought, "wow, this man truly does love me.".  i couldn't believe that he considered the fact that i would enjoy taking pictures of this whole shindig.  

just watching him fully commit to getting completely covered in paint.  not only for me, but he did it for our babies.  

he is always so present with our children and provides them with his entire self when he is home from work.  i enjoyed watching them get completely lost in this today.  a definite memory was made that our babies will never forget.

the gift just kept getting better with every hand print, splatter, and giggle.

after the entire crew was covered (and i mean covered) in paint, he hoses them all down and gives each of them a bath.  

in no time flat everyone was clean as a whistle and i'm left in complete awe.

i kept looking outside at my enormous card, thanking God above for giving me someone who truly adores me.  

and of course he goes the extra mile to hang this sucker on our house.  

i am bold, loud, colorful, and i love making everyone around me feel special and important.  

and today, my husband saw to it that he did something bold, loud, and colorful while making me feel special and important.

 wow.  what a day!

give it up for my husband.  

in HIM and health,

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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Throwback Thursday: 2 Pages From My Book.

I made a scary decision at age 20.  I decided to break a generational curse over my life.  That curse stopped right here.  It ended with me.  At first it seemed impossible because constant chaos and dysfunction was my comfort zone.  Was it even worth the work it was going to take to dig myself out of this?

I felt this inner strength telling me that hard work wasn't an option for me.  Oh goodness no.

It. Was. Necessary.

Do not mistaken me with a weight loss success story.  Yes, there is that.  But my story is thicker, mirkier, and much deeper than that.

I was forced to deal with my junk because I realized it was hidden under my emotional eating sessions, my addiction to cigarettes, and tremendous feelings of inadequacy.  Just to name a few.

Quitting smoking made me realize I suffered from high anxiety.   Once I quit smoking, I had a rush of anxiety that lasted day and night--for almost eighteen solid months.  I had this gnawing urge to give in and smoke as I knew it would take away the anxiety for a moment.

I refused to give in.  Thank GOD I am stubborn because that's what it took in pursuit of this goal.  It took a relentless strength to know that I deserved better.   I knew I was called to FIGHT this addiction.  Even if I had to break into pieces in the process (which I did!), I was going to face this battle like a warrior.  Most folks who quit smoking are addicted to the nicotine.  I was one of the few cases that had an emotional addiction to them.

This fight with facing my anxiety landed me on a leather couch in a small, quiet office.  I was forced to go to....drum roll please....therapy.  Ahhhh,  good ole therapy.   I spent YEARS in therapy (heck, I still go).  I believe in therapy with everything I am.  It made me labor though my childhood where I found the root of SO many demons.  I was coping with my past through over-eating, under eating, and chain smoking.  For whatever reason, harming myself with those vices helped me feel in control.

emptied out.

I desperately wanted to live a life where I was free from needing to cope.  Which meant I had to be willing to DEAL-WITH, and FEEL for the first time of my life.  No more sweeping my junk under the rug via binge eating, chain smoking, and feeling inaqequate.  This girl was officially in full blown WORK MODE.

Better known--in the land of hashtag language:


I was forced to depend and rely entirely on the promises and truths in the written word.  Talk about exercising your faith.  When you are stripped of every thing and emptied out, it's not the worst place on earth to be.  It seems like it at the time, but it's a pretty cool place to land.  Because now you are positioned perfectly.  You are more than prepared to be filled up.  Looking back, I see that it was necessary for me to be completely empty.  My emptiness left me with nothing but room.  I was officially ready to be filled up.

All the promises affirmed things like this: God was, in fact, FOR ME, not against me.  I don't know how many times I thought giving up would be so much easier.   This curse seemed way to impossible to dig out of in the beginning.  However, I kept finding my hope and my fuel in the word of God.  But,  I had to work for it more than I hoped for it.

Did you catch that?  I had to WORK for it more than I hoped for it.  A lot of times folks sit around thinking God has a magic wand.  And that saddens me because you can't expect great change without actually changing.  Period.  You must be willing to be broken, emptied out, and ready to face your junk.

And to this day, work doesn't scare me.  Especially work that is inward.  God tells us in Proverbs 13:4 The soul of the sluggard craves and gets nothing, while the soul of the diligent is richly supplied.

God does require you to put in work.  I knew when I started my journey toward a blessed life that it was going to take work.  But I never felt alone.  I  knew I was going to live a beautiful life one day.

I just knew it.

And I was right.

In HIM and Health,

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Monday, April 13, 2015

Broken And Emptied Out.

i find so much freedom in writing.  with a candle flickering,  praise music on, hot tea steaming, and talking

my life.

tonight i plan on over-sharing.   because i want to unveil my honest heart and the heaviness it has been under.  tonight, i come to my blank blog page humble.  soaking with vulnerability.

i come to my blog tonight............brave.  brave about what i have been fighting.

this week was so overwhelming and i had so many doubts about the path i'm on.  i had moments where i was desperate for more time.  i had moments where i felt so tired (both mentally and physically) that i thought i was going to suffocate.  i couldn't get to my laundry.  i couldn't return every message in my inbox.  i couldn't do so many things due to.....time.

also, i felt so imbalanced with some decisions i had recently made.  uncertainty was thick in my spirit.

i didn't like it.
i felt like crying.  so i did.  a lot.

i couldn't place my hand on why i felt so overwhelmed.  was it my coaching business?  my children? or the lack of time i have to pour into some of the marketing and programs i'm working on with launching my book this summer?

i went to two people.  Jesus first.  and my husband.  i used to run tell everyone my problems.   would open up to many, inviting more opinions and zero clarity.  i don't do that anymore.  now i take it to the cross and to my soulmate.

my husband is my rock.  nobody loves me the way he does.  he will remove anything in my way.  and he will help me figure things out.  he is smart, and always has my best interest at heart.  i trust him with my rawest emotions and never have to hold back.  he knows the worst and ugliest side of me and still somehow makes me feel like i am unflawed.  gah!  i love my husband.


two weeks ago i made a decision (or so i thought!) to put my girls in school full time.  i just had so much work (pertaining to the marketing and launching of my book!)  that i was unable to get to.  i am given 3 hours a day to work.  one of them is one hour before everyone wakes up, and the other two is nap time.  some nights i stay up after they go to bed and work,  but most nights i shut everything down and rest.  so i thought i needed to 'get rid of the girls' during the day so that i could pour into my dreams.

yes.  this was where my head was.  it sounded like a great plan.  i could get everything done and then pour into my family at night.  they were already in school half days on tuesdays and wednesdays but i needed more time to work.  and the work i needed to do was work i actually didn't want to do (boring office type stuff) but it was necessary in order to launch some of these new systems that i'm working (or trying to work) on.

so clearly putting the girls in school sounded like the perfect plan.  again, here was the plan: put them in school full time so that i could do work--work that i don't enjoy, by the way--just to launch my dreams.


and it hit me like a ton of bricks this week.  i hadn't made the decision final as far as telling their school.  i had just decided it in my head.

it never really sat well with me.  i never made this decision final in my heart. and i never once took this decision to God.  I just made it.  on a whim.  because i needed T I M E.  i was so desperate for time.

the pressure i was under this week was so intense and i couldn't place it.  the pressure never started until i made my poorly prayed over decision to put my girls in school full time.  why didn't i feel this peace that i usually have?  i was hunting for it vigorously.  my pay check was the largest i had ever had (i should be on cloud nine, i thought.), i was hitting my goals,  my challengers were losing inches and gaining their confidence.  i was eating right, killing my workouts, and giving my children and husband plenty of quality time.  also, i was sleeping well.

why on earth do i feel so shaken to my core?

after praying and seeking HIS will, daily.  i finally heard from the Lord.  HE always shows up with conviction that serves to protect me rather than condemn me.

HE showed me my heart.  there it was.  wide open.  and i found my children there.

my children.

not my business.  my children are my dreams.  they are my number one calling in this one blessed life.  and i only have them without sharing until they run off to kindergarden.  and i am not going to be sharing them every day of the week.  i just am not okay with that.

i gave up a successful real estate career the moment i laid eyes on my first born because of my calling as a mother.  real estate ate my days and nights up.  i felt like a slave to my phone.  i was young and didn't know how to balance it all.  i am not about to lose sight of what is most important to me this far into the parenting game.

i will still chase my dreams and answer to the other call in my life--which is my coaching business and launching my story--but those dreams are not my main goal in life.  my main goal in life is to raise wonderful children.  children whose story will look much different than my childhood story.  i am called to erase the generational curse over my family.  it stopped with me.  and not a day passes where i don't find myself eternally thankful for a chance to experience life through their eyes.  it's the best feeling in the world. i am so glad that the Lord trusted me with three of HIS children.

don't get me wrong, i don't think that if your children are in child care that you are choosing work over them.  i see nothing wrong with child care.  but for me, personally, i took my opportunity as a mother as a chance to re-do my childhood.  i wanted to give them ME.  i wanted to be their first teacher and the one making daily deposits in their memory banks.  i wanted to push them on the swings until my arms felt like falling off.  i wanted to scoot chairs to the countertops so that i can have messy helpers in the kitchen.  i wanted to go on play dates, story time at the library, and i wanted to experience a nerve-wracking grocery store experience.  i wanted this season so desperately and i don't get to have these little years for long.  they are fleeting and it chokes me up to think about how fast they are flying by.

i want to hog their first five years.  my heart just wasn't going to settle for them going to school full time.

God uses my children to speak to me often.  HE used kindergarden registration day to show me why my heart was so unsettled.  i was about to do something that did NOT fulfill my calling.    i was going to trade something that brings me new breath and new meaning every day, to do something that i could hire someone else to do.

did you catch that?  umm, hello.  i've been saying this whole time that in order to launch my book and market it in the right way, i was going to have to do the boring stuff.  what?  no i am not.  i am hiring a team.  yes, two assistants.  they will be working together.  at the same time.  and they will do all the things that steal my joy.  they are qualified and skilled at this kind of stuff.  i am qualified and skilled at:

mothering, inspiring, and creating.

and that is exactly what i will continue to do.

thank you, Jesus, for breaking these chains this week.  i felt so bound up.

whew!  now i will continue to embrace my momhood.  while i hire folks to do things that i am not good at--which is boring office and marketing stuff.  well, boring for me.  it's definitely made for others.

i am so thankful for a relationship with HIM or i wouldn't have emptied out my heart and found that i was about to make the biggest mistake.

I am not ready to let these girls go off to school every day just yet.

i still have some cheerleading moves to teach them.

no way am i trading in our morning tea parties for boring business work.

i am certainly called to share just what Jesus did for a wretch like me.  I know I'm called to deliver my story to the masses.  I know this without a doubt.



In HIM and health,

Sunday, March 22, 2015

I Just Don't Care Who Sees This.

this blog.

oh this blog.

it's been one of the best, most important pieces of my journey.  a place i've deposited my children's childhood, and a place where i've learned how to share my life.  yes, i've had to learn.  because in the very beginning of my blog (about five years ago!) it was very rainbow and glittery.  


i never wanted anyone to see anything but the joy.  the clean.  the happy.  but then i became a little more...what's the word...let's go with REAL.  simply because i began to heal a little more with every passing year.  i began to love myself and who i was in CHRIST just a little more.  i started to be okay with being imperfect and didn't care as much what others thought about me.  being imperfect and vulnerable was actually helping me connect deeper with others.  unleashing someone else to walk in freedom.

that's humanity, baby.

i began to realize that being vulnerable was not a sign of weakness.  rather a sign that we are in this thing called life together.  it made me feel brave--as silly as that sounds.

i dig brave.

now--this blog is mostly joy because i'm a joy seeker and i possess it with my entire being.  i've actually EARNED my joy by seeking it at a time in my life where it was so far from my reach.  there was a time when i carried zero hope in my heart.  zero.  i had nothing inside.  i wanted more, but had no clue how to rise up out of my darkness.

so yes, my blog is mostly choked full of happiness and peace.  because that's what i chose for my life fifteen years ago.  please hear me tonight.  i made a choice in the midst of my hopelessness.  i wanted to give it my best shot at living an abundant life.  and i've been criticized during my pursuit, simply because i was never vulnerable.  rather i was never brave enough to share why i was so darn full of joy.  the price i had to pay to earn it.  i wasn't ready to be brave.  i was still healing.

this blog started getting a lot more REAL after my father passed away a few years back.  i felt like i could finally start to deal with the rejection and pain that was deposited in my little heart at such an early age.  it felt heavy.  a burden i wanted so badly to be erased from my memory bank.

i can't be rejected by him anymore. i know that sounds awful, but there's truth in that statement whether it's right or wrong, it's true.  i'll never have another birthday roll out without a phone call, wondering why i'm not good enough.  or another Christmas.  valentines.  or just a 'just-because-i-miss-you' phone call.  i can never be rejected again by the most important man in every little girls heart.  her daddy.

fortunately,  i've been able to deal with this part of my past and it's been good for my soul.  and hard.  it's been one of the hardest seasons of my life.  ever.  but one thing i've learned in my pursuit of an abundant life is that it will come with pain because change is hard.  but, i knew i needed to face the heck out of it anyway.  learn what it needed to teach that i can move on.

and what i've noticed is that when i expose my weaknesses, i become much more relatable to others. my willingness to go there...share this...tell that...actually unlocks someone else's prison.

i dig that too.

matter of fact, i now live my life so free from rejection and it's quite possibly the best thing that has ever been spiritually given to me.  i desperately needed healed from the spirit of rejection.  it caused me to hold back from my fullest potential because i didn't take any chances.  and once that chain broke, i have been able to be unapologetically me.  i never wonder what others think about me.  not even for a split of a second.  i just...simply don't care.  i need to write that again.  i just...SIMPLY. DON'T. CARE.

praise the LORD.

i'm living my life with great passion.  EARNED passion.  and i'm giving my past pain a place.  a happy place.  a place to give back.  because only then does it makes sense.  when your biggest pain turns into your biggest gift, it becomes worth it.

i shared MY STORY all over the country this summer.  i sold every single thing my family owned except for our clothes, pictures, and the doll house that my husband made our girls.  everything else went in three weekends worth of garage sales.  we bought a fifth wheel and went on tour.  i was on stage, booked solid every single Sunday morning...some huge crowds, some small crowds, sharing the darkest, most vulnerable details of my childhood.  but the total redemption and victory in it all is where the story aligns with the hearts in the crowd.  and hope abounds.  the bible says in revelation that "we are made overcomes by the blood of the lamb and the POWER of our testimony." 

hope.  hope got deposited in so many hearts because i don't stand up and share my story as a victim.  i am very much the hero from my past.  my story sheds hope. and duuuude, that's just so cool.

i dig hope, too.

set FREE.
and blessed.

that's what i've been given.

and i'm not okay with gaining it without GIVING it.  what i'm about to share is something that scares the dickens out of me.  because some people will misunderstand it all together.  some will think i'm bonkers.  and some will unfollow me.

that's okay.  my message isn't for that person.  but what i hope you see in this video is a relationship.  a relationship that saved the entire course of my life fifteen years ago.  i was rescued from a generatational curse that was over my family and over myself.  and my life is now so peaceful and full of joy, children, a loving marriage, and my greatest pain has turned into my biggest gift.

yesterday, the husband took the kids to the park so i could have thirty minutes to clean the house.  i told him that i really would love to crank up some praise music and clean the kitchen to a quiet house.  and this one song comes on.  and i couldn't fight back my tears no matter what.  'speak life' was the name of the song.

that was the message Christ gave me fifteen years ago.  i was shown the way to freedom through living out a healthy lifestyle, yes.  but it's wayyyyy deeper than that.  Jesus showed me how to choose and speak life.  and HE showed me that i could break the generational curse that was over my family.  i was empowered when i realized that all i had to do was CHANGE MY MIND.

and in this video i expose an intimate time with Jesus.  do not mistaken the tears.  they are tears of so much thankfulness that it overwhelmed my soul.  i visit this type of worship a lot throughout my week.  i have MUCH to be thankful for.  we all do.  i am happiest when i'm exhausted with being a mother and a wife.  i love how much the Lord has done in my life. i want to lead others to this same place of freedom.  and i'm going to.

my life is not hard.  joy finds me daily.  and it's because of CHRIST.  he showed me how.  i want others to know there is help.  i had NOTHING to live for fifteen years ago.

but JESUS didn't agree with me.  HE knew i had plenty to live for.

HE was right.

I am blessed.  beyond anything i ever imagined.  with my hands shaking as I get ready to hit 'publish', i hope your heart connects with mine and you find a glimmer of hope in this message.

this song couldn't have been more perfect.  try to hear the words.  you'll better understand just what the Lord has done for me.

it's not easy sharing something so personal. (if you can't open the actual video, i posted a youtube link  under it!)


In HIM and health,

Saturday, January 31, 2015

"Quinoa" Fried Rice: Simply Delicious.

I NEVER dedicate an entire blog post to one recipe.  I usually wait until I've mustered up at least three excellent ones and then share them all in one giant post.

but when you NAIL IT.  and by NAIL IT, i mean you made plenty enough to eat on for a few days.  but the family went for seconds and even thirds.  leaving you with zero leftovers.  at one point, the husband was doing the shovel-up-scoopy-thingy while hovering the pan over his bowl to get every last drop.  i'm talking he was scraping the pan.  it was a little embarrassing.

he kept raving about it with every bite.   and i was just beaming.  i LOVE making him happy by way of his stomach.  it's one of my secret ways i've made him love me so much.  shhhh!  do NOT tell him.  i need to keep all my tricks safe and sound.

i love to clean up recipes.  if i enjoy a certain food but it's just not a healthy option, i get busy tweaking it.  and last night i tweaked your famous and most fabulous chinese bistro's veggie fried rice, and turned it into a new marshall family favorite.  and it's clean as a whistle.

are you ready?  no seriously, are you?  write down these ingredients and make this dish yesterday.

you will need:
2 T coconut or olive oil to cook
1 medium yellow onion
2 T of fresh chopped garlic
fresh ginger root
1 c sliced mushrooms
1 yellow squash
4 c of fresh broccoli
1 zucchini squash
4 cups of frozen veggie mix of (carrots, corn, peas, green beans)
3 stalks of green onion, chopped
2 eggs
liquid aminos (or soy sauce, but if you've never cooked with liquid aminos...TRY IT.  It's a much cleaner option.)

okay so first you will want to cook up your quinoa as packaged (about 4 servings).

then, in a large pot, take 2 T of coconut oil or olive oil and sauté' the yellow onion and garlic.  you can add more or less garlic depending on your families taste buds.  we love garlic so i go heavy.

after you get the onion and garlic cooked really well, you will add in the mushrooms,  broccoli, yellow and zucchini squash, as well as the 4 cups of frozen veggies.

then you will add 2 T of liquid aminos and let the veggies sauté' their little hearts out.

after the veggies are cooked throughout, you will then fold in the cooked quinoa.

set aside because it's time to add the kicker to this dish.  the ingredient that has set a new standard with my tastebuds.


okay so after reading all different types of fried rice recipes i began to get exhausted.  some folks cooked their eggs this way, some that way, and then I finally decided to just break them open, whisk with a fork, spray down a frying pan, and make a darn omelette.

then, once i had this pretty little folded omelette, i placed it on my cutting board and chopped it into tiny little pieces, and took three stalks from my green onion and chopped them up too.

then i added those last two ingredients in and topped it off with about 15-20 seconds worth of shaved ginger root (taste and add as you please), and added liquid aminos by taste.

meaning: i would add a little.  taste it.  add some more.  taste it.  then i would taste it just because it tasted good.  and before i ever served it, i had already had a healthy serving while standing over the stove.  don't you even lie.  you totally do this too.

this was SUCH an easy meal to make.  we will definitely be adding this to our regular grocery list.

For. The. Win.

and an extra point for the husband who simply raved over my meal and then helped me clean afterwards.

now THAT'S hot!!

keep it clean in the kitchen, y'all.

in HIM and in health,