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Since I can’t have a pause button to freeze these precious days, I hope to use this piece of cyber space to capture some of our funnest memories, funniest sayings, and some of our worst days and how we survived them. I love these littles with my whole heart and would give anything for the words to describe my love, but I can’t. I’ve tried. Thanks for making me a better person, my sweet children. You three ROCK!!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

you know you're a mom if...

my best friend and i exchange "you know your a mom if" blurbs via text message on the reg.  it always makes me LAUGH OUT LOUD because i can relate.  here are just a few of mine.  

you know your a mom...

if your "me time" consists of a 30 minute outing to get your brows waxed.  ouch!

when you convince all the kids at the play ground to play dinosaurs to ensure that your kid has a blast.

when the thought of a child in pain, pisses you off!!

you sing "jingle bells" in july.  alot.

if an hour break from the kids feels like heaven.  but somehow, your heart starts pounding with pure excitement as you rush the door open to shout "I'M BACK!".

if your on a date with your husband and the best laugh of the night was something funny your 3-year-old said.

if you find your super cute wedges in the potty.

if you call it "the potty" while excusing your own self.

if the fit that your child is pitching isn't even phasing you but everyone else is cringing.

if you choose your outfit for breastfeeding convenience.

if you drill those fruit snacks.

when your kids watch 30 minutes of television and you feel guilty.

when you jot down messages with a crayon and construction paper-since it's handy.

when you give the kids a bath at noon, just to keep them busy.

these are so much fun and i hope one day when my kids are grown (that makes me sad to even type), they will LAUGH OUT LOUD too.  i love hearing other mom's interpretations.  it's one of those lazy saturday mornings our way.  the husband went fishing with some of his friends, nathan is soundly sleeping, and lucy is scribbling on her magna doodle while i wrap this blog up. 

pause button please!!




  1. if anyone knows how to fix the time of day on my blog, please let me know. it says it's three hours behind.

  2. To change the time zone, go under Dashboard, then under Settings. There are several options under settings; go to Formatting. You should be able to set it there.

  3. You know your a "Black" mother when....

    You call one child, the other's name, then yell even louder when the child you called comes running, but it's not the child you wanted!